Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tere Aane pe

I wonder why do we resort to our "Sarcastic Best Ways" in ridiculing a sudden appearance of a beloved one, who deserted us in the past... We often say "what a shock" or "Blast from Past" and what not!! I feel this sarcasm actually is a a secret celebration . That joyous feeling of "You still remember " .... But we chose to cover that celebration with our "As if I cared attitude" and rob ourselves and the other person of that moment of happiness which would have cost nothing and still would have been priceless. Life always offers us a simple option of being happy about what is at hand but we end up choosing the complex one of "It could have been different, had I or You or We (in case of Serene and Understanding people) been different". Is it really worth being human!! I wonder NO.......

Hum ne jhele jo sab azaab aaye
Aaj tum yaad behisaab aaye

Tumne de rakhi thi dua itni
Hum hamesha hi kamyaab aaye

Vaham-e-Pakeezgi bhi jaataa raha
Wo gunahon ki le kitaab aaye

Jane kya guzre hum gareebon pe
Sar-e-Mehfil wo bbenaqaab aaye

Dil ki rah jaati hai dhari ki dhari
Aksar us dar se laajawaab aaye

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