Thursday, January 28, 2010

Main Tum aur Wo

When somebody loses a body part (say a hand) , he or she is trained to work without it. In some time he/she starts to work as good as before. Sometimes this new way of working seems better than the way he/she worked before. BUT ... Is it really OK that he/she is limbless. I don't think that even a single moment passes by without him/her remembering that missing limb. Like in our life when we decide to move on with a broken heart ... Do we really move on or we decide to live with it pretending that it is as good as new. If not pretending then at least getting used to it so much that sometimes it seems OK to be in pain. Much like a limbless person who may be an inspiration for others but only he/she knows how it feels to be without a hand .....

Wo saath mere; tum paas mere
Wo tajruba tum; ehsaas mere

Wo dil mein hai; tum dhadkan mein
Wo dua to tum ho Aas mere

Sab bhool chook leni deni
Wo nafa to tum nuksaan mere

Jhagda!!! wo mera main tera
Ye saans gale ki faans mere

Na mere yun tukde hote
Rah jaate jo tum paas mere

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Poora Kya ??

Mujhmein se kuchh mujhko churake tu nikla
Tujhmein se kuchh tujhko chhupake main nikla
Thoda sa main tanha bhatkoon
Thoda sa main saath tere
Thoda sa tu tanha bhatke
Thoda sa tu saath mere
Tujhko khoke na main poora
Mujhse bichhad ke tu bhi adhoora
Poori hai is dil ki chubhan
Poora ye adhoorapan !!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tere Aane pe

I wonder why do we resort to our "Sarcastic Best Ways" in ridiculing a sudden appearance of a beloved one, who deserted us in the past... We often say "what a shock" or "Blast from Past" and what not!! I feel this sarcasm actually is a a secret celebration . That joyous feeling of "You still remember " .... But we chose to cover that celebration with our "As if I cared attitude" and rob ourselves and the other person of that moment of happiness which would have cost nothing and still would have been priceless. Life always offers us a simple option of being happy about what is at hand but we end up choosing the complex one of "It could have been different, had I or You or We (in case of Serene and Understanding people) been different". Is it really worth being human!! I wonder NO.......

Hum ne jhele jo sab azaab aaye
Aaj tum yaad behisaab aaye

Tumne de rakhi thi dua itni
Hum hamesha hi kamyaab aaye

Vaham-e-Pakeezgi bhi jaataa raha
Wo gunahon ki le kitaab aaye

Jane kya guzre hum gareebon pe
Sar-e-Mehfil wo bbenaqaab aaye

Dil ki rah jaati hai dhari ki dhari
Aksar us dar se laajawaab aaye

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fir Wahi Baat

Being alone and loneliness are two different things. Being alone is a matter of choice but loneliness is a state of mind. It is better to be alone than lonely!!

Humne tere baare mein jab bhi koi khayaal likha
Logon ka kahna hai wahhh!!! wah!!! humne koi kamaal likha

Unko ye lagti hai tohmat is nakaam se aashiq ki
Apne haal ko dekhke humne jab bhi koi sawal likha

Sachmuch duniya khush hoti hai mere til til marne pe
Hawa mein mere purze ude hain jab khudko behaal likha

Beete lamhe yaad aane pe jab bhi aansoo aaye hain
Kasam tumhaari tab tab maine khudko malaa maal likha

Tanhayi se meri jung ka jab jab kissa likha hai
Tumko hi talwaar talwaar kabhi to tumko apni dhaal likha!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Beeti Baatein aur Main

When we truly love someone the entire world seems to be pointing towards that one person. Every love song seems to be written for "Us" and every romantic movie seems to be "Our" story. Same thing happens when love turns around and shows us its "Not so Pretty" (Didn't want to use the word "Ugly") side. I think that Love and Hate are different expression of same feeling. Feeling of "having "Someone Special" and being "Someone's Special Someone" !!!!

Wo mitti ko khod kar
Apne sir pe utha leta hai
Jo kisi teeley ka guroor thi (Teela:A small heap of soil or sand)
Ya kisi lotan ka suroor thi (Lotan: The curved roads downhill,Ghat)
Use apna hi wajood bhula deta hai
Fir usmein pani milaataa hai
Jane Mitti kartaa hai geeli ?
Ya pani sukhaataa hai
Fir jo aye dil mein
Shakal use deta hai
Na bhaye to
Badal use deta hai
Thap -Thap- Thap-Thap
Chaak par
Jee bhare tak mitti aur wo
Ek dooje ki thapkiyan khate hain ...........
..........Jane kyon kumhaar ko mitti se khelte dekhkar
Mujhko "Hum" Yaad ate hain........