Thursday, January 28, 2010

Main Tum aur Wo

When somebody loses a body part (say a hand) , he or she is trained to work without it. In some time he/she starts to work as good as before. Sometimes this new way of working seems better than the way he/she worked before. BUT ... Is it really OK that he/she is limbless. I don't think that even a single moment passes by without him/her remembering that missing limb. Like in our life when we decide to move on with a broken heart ... Do we really move on or we decide to live with it pretending that it is as good as new. If not pretending then at least getting used to it so much that sometimes it seems OK to be in pain. Much like a limbless person who may be an inspiration for others but only he/she knows how it feels to be without a hand .....

Wo saath mere; tum paas mere
Wo tajruba tum; ehsaas mere

Wo dil mein hai; tum dhadkan mein
Wo dua to tum ho Aas mere

Sab bhool chook leni deni
Wo nafa to tum nuksaan mere

Jhagda!!! wo mera main tera
Ye saans gale ki faans mere

Na mere yun tukde hote
Rah jaate jo tum paas mere


  1. Na saath mere, na paas mere,
    Kyu bikherte hain ehsaas tere.

    Na dil mein , na dhadkan mein tere,
    Hai kyu fir tu har dua mein mere.

    Jo mila sab diya, uthaaye sab nuksaan tere,
    par khaali reh gaye khule haath to mere

    Todke bikher ke jaate har kadam tere,
    Koi to ab samet le in tukhdo ko mere.

  2. well after rading this poetry i would love to say that its AMAZING.......

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  4. Sakhi- becharia wo- bina koi galti k mariagyea